When Cybercrimes Lead To Real World Consequences

We talk a lot about cyber crime in this newsletter, but most of the time, the impact is related to financial damage. This is for a variety of reasons, but the primary motivation behind most cyber attacks is the money that can be made. In pursuit of that money, many bad actors have decided to cast the widest net possible-- simply trying to make contact with anyone that they can.

A Date With Disaster

Before COVID, the nature of social interaction had already been changing on a fundamental level. While most people still went out into the world for work, shopping, drinks, dinner and the like, there were many individuals who already practiced an early form of social distancing, preferring instead to interact with others from the safety of their own homes.

The Age of Misinformation

As Abraham Lincoln once said, "don't trust everything you read on the internet." All jokes aside, our nation is moving closer and closer to the 2020 presidential election and the need for people to have access to factual and unbiased information is growing by the day.

How automation boosts your small business’s marketing

A solid marketing strategy can make a business profitable. Unfortunately, in the past, not all small businesses were able to spend a huge amount of their budget on marketing. With marketing automation becoming more and more accessible to small enterprises, that has changed. Here are marketing automation benefits your small business should leverage. Inbound lead […]

Surefire ways to protect your email account

If you think your email is safe from hackers, think again. A lack of sufficient email security protocols can lead to data theft, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and successful malware attacks. Here are some tips to secure your email account from unwanted intruders and the many troubles that come with them. Use separate email […]