The 12 Most Common Phishing Headlines

Beware these phishy headlines!

We've talked about phishing many times in this newsletter, but it remains one of the single greatest threats to cybersecurity at any given business of any size. Targeting the weakest link of an organization -- the personnel -- has led to some of the largest breaches of the most sensitive data yet.

The Hidden Truth Behind Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition: a term that refers to a computer's ability to differentiate between individuals and ascertain their identities using the unique qualities of their faces. A term that was long used as a technophobic buzzword and as an interesting concept in dystopian Sci-Fi fantasies is now real life, genuine technology being deployed by police forces, intelligence agencies and militaries across the world.

MySpace Loses 12 Years Of Data

Do you remember MySpace?

For awhile, it was the largest social media platform on the Internet, and was a playground of photo sharing, music clips that played when you visited a profile, and videos. MySpace played a massive role in the days of the early web, and was also pivotal for the social lives of many a teen in the 00's. It even beat GOOGLE as the #1 visited site when it was at it's peak popularity.

Instagram Retail, Microsoft Teams Compliance, and More! What’s New in Tech

Tech is a fast paced world, and oftentimes it's difficult to keep track of all the changes that come flying our way on a week-to-week basis. Thankfully, Forbes does a great job at keeping track of technology news that are relevant to businesses, and we're here to pass that information along to you!

For those not interested in reading directly from the source, here is a short summary of the article:

Some older models of Apple products such as the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini are upgrade-able at a discounted price.

Cybersecurity for small- and medium-sized businesses

Has your organization been hit with a data breach or ransomware recently? This happens more often than you might think to businesses of all sizes. Given the frequency, complexity, and increasing number of threats, a multi-level, agile, and cutting-edge cybersecurity strategy is the only response that will protect businesses from massive losses. Fortunately, managed IT […]

ERP: the software your business needs

Managing a business is complicated enough: different departments like accounting, management, and sales each have its own software and systems. Don’t you just wish there was a less difficult and more efficient way to manage your enterprise? Wish no more, because enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can solve management problems for you. Read on to […]

How to create a Facebook ad that sells

Your products and services won’t sell, no matter how exceptional they are, if no one knows they exist. That’s where advertising comes into play. Yet for a small business with a limited budget, an ad placement in traditional media is costly. But thanks to Facebook’s online platform, advertising is now more affordable. Why advertise on […]

Top security threats to financial services

Hackers go for the gold. This means that banking information makes for the number one target. These cyberattacks lead to the theft of large sums of money, undermine the economic stability of individuals and organizations, as well as destroy the reputation of banks and other financial institutions. When these incidents occur, the damage can be […]