Cloud Solutions

Access data and apps from any internet-enabled device.

Collaboration. Communication. Integration. Cloud services promote collaboration, remove office walls, and help drive business success from anywhere you can connect to the Internet.

Infrastructure hosted and managed by FrameWork eliminates the worry around the management, maintenance, and security concerns traditionally encountered with on-site IT, and eliminates the costly cycle of replacing servers on a regular basis. It will also effectively remove restrictive office walls, creating new opportunities that will enable your team to carry your business forward.

From specific and targeted cloud services such as Dropbox or Office 365, to full infrastructure and application hosting on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or the products on Google's Cloud Platform, FrameWork has the experience and expertise to help develop and integrate cloud solutions that serve your business and, ultimately, your goals. Whether it’s full infrastructure, hybrid cloud, or select services, we’ll help you navigate all available solutions to develop and implement a cloud strategy that will drive your business to greater success!

Mobile and global

The right tools, in the right hands, at the right time. Cloud solutions empower your team, your partners, and your customers together for better collaboration, communication, and service delivery.


Increased Efficiency



Cost Control

Business Continuity

Managed IT Services

Avoid downtime with 24/7 support, maintenance, and monitoring.

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Virtual CIO

Make sound decisions with help from our technical advisors.

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Cloud Solutions

Enjoy access to your files and programs anytime, anywhere.

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