Why FrameWork IT?

We strive to empower businesses for success through tailored technology solutions.

FrameWork IT Services has been serving the Greater Portland and Salem metro areas since 2009. We're a "people company" that happens to be great at solving technical challenges, and we use this skill to help businesses reach their full potential and exceed their goals. We realized years ago that the traditional IT service model wasn't a healthy one -- if the IT companies were making money, that meant that their clients weren't.

Our fixed-rate IT program removes all the risks involved, aligning our business with yours. We grow when you grow, we're in pain when you're in pain, encouraging us to push for success together. Working with us means no hidden charges, parachute clauses, or project costs. Our "living" contracts detail what you will be paying every month and foresee what your IT costs will be as your business grows.

Technology is nothing without the people that use it -- our clients, team members, families, and the community -- our relationship with them is what matters most.

We Care Because We're Just Like You!

We're a small business too, so we understand how tough, wild, and wonderful the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride can be. We know that sometimes you need a hand to overcome the challenges, and we're here to help! We're fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, with dogs, kids, mortgages, and all of the other trappings just like you. Our team is dedicated to the mantra of "Better Every Day", representing our dedication to better serve you and the community around us with each passing day.


We're On Your Team

Our main approach is to learn everything about your business and your team. Our fanatical devotion to documentation allows us to truly integrate with your team. Whether over the phone or during an onsite visit, every FrameWork IT Services team member is educated on the intricacies of every client, almost as if they had a desk "just down the hall." You will no longer feel that you have to train a technician, re-explain a challenge, or reiterate how you do things -- The FrameWork IT Services Team knows everything we need to solve even your toughest issues!

We're ready to roll up our sleeves and help you get to work on solving your problems and exceeding your goals, so don't hesitate: Call Us Today! Working with FrameWork IT Services will get you:

  • Unmatched response time 24/7/365
  • A partner that is unequivocally invested in your success
  • Awareness training for your employees on new technologies and best practices to avoid cyber threats

Want to know how we can help your business succeed?

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