Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your data and your business from any type of crisis.

Backups of mission critical data are one of the most essential aspects of your IT infrastructure. Without access to your data, your business could come to a grinding halt in a disaster situation.

Most hosted cloud solutions such as Dropbox or Office 365 have limited backup/continuity options, and require the same planning and dedicated management as any other system, even those that are already on premises.

FrameWork will help you develop and implement business continuity strategies that will protect your data wherever it exists, as well as mitigate the downtime and loss that can occur from system failures or unforeseen environmental conditions.

Guarantee business continuity

You're likely already quite familiar with the process of backing up your data in some capacity. The importance of backups is obvious -- preventing the loss of data due to disaster, error, or system failure. However, Business Continuity is more than just having a copy of your data available; it involves how the data is backed up, where it is backed up and, maybe most importantly, how long it will take to resume normal operations after any incident.  

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Management

Disaster Recovery Planning

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