Do You Have A Pandemic Playbook?

Do you have a pandemic playbook?  What does it look like? 

It’s been a long year these last six months.  The theme for 2020, thus far, seems to be bad news, hard truths and, sadly, “What is true?”.  I have a couple more hard truths to offer, but there is some good news to follow as well as a helping hand where needed.

Ways MSPs are empowering businesses amid a global crisis

To make it through the heightened economic uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are protecting their cash flows and focusing on their core competencies. Managed IT services providers (MSPs) are lending a hand, too — by empowering remote teams and helping small businesses leverage technology to keep operating despite the myriad challenges. Here’s […]

Researchers uncover new strain of Android malware

The Android operating system (OS) relies on an open-source code that allows users and manufacturers to modify their phones’ or tablets’ OSs. The problem is, Android’s open-sourced nature also makes it susceptible to cyberthreats. Recently, security experts found DEFENSOR ID — a new type of Android malware exploiting the system’s Accessibility Services. What is DEFENSOR […]