6 types of live video to engage customers

The speed and quality of internet connections continue to offer SMBs more opportunities for reaching customers and clients. One of the most recent innovations is live video streaming, an inexpensive and convenient way to increase your business value and diversify your services portfolio. It’s a huge and open-ended service, so why don’t we narrow down […]

FrameWork Earns Respected Technology Industry Credential

CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark™ signifies
commitment to industry best practices

Portland, Oregon - May 9, 2016 – FrameWork IT a Portland based IT service and solutions provider announced today it has received the CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark™, a respected industry credential that signifies its adherence to best practices for technology service delivery and customer interaction.

Going the distance…

Everything is always changing in the technology world, and doing so at a head spinning rate of speed. In the age of .com and cloud, it's about "right now," and longevity is measured in months, certainly not decades. That's why when you see something, anything, which has withstood the test of time you just have to pause and appreciate it.

Who wants to win a gift card?!

Take our Monthly Trivia Challenge and you could win a $20.00 Starbucks Gift Card!

Which country has the most computers in the world?

United States

In what year did the first website go online?


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What’s New with FrameWork?

Why, employees! FrameWork IT has added some fresh new faces to the team. This month you may hear friendly new voices on both the administrative side, as well as on our technical team.

Harley Kimball will be joining the team as a fresh graduate from Mt. Hood Community College with a degree centered around cybersecurity.

Pitfalls of business continuity planning

Like all things man-made and otherwise, business continuity plans are not perfect. They too have pitfalls that can result in your business’s failure if not accounted for immediately. Don’t blame it all on the IT guy, as often times the way a system is designed can also have loopholes. Here are a few of the […]

How to clean your laptop

Cleaning your laptop can help extend its life, and yours too. Computer keyboards are breeding grounds for germs. In fact, the Center for Disease Control recommends routinely cleaning your computer keyboard and mouse, along with other frequently touched surfaces.

Image uploader security flaw discovered

Unfortunately, we’re confronted with new web security threats every day, and today is no different. Experts have exposed a flaw in ImageMagick, one of the internet’s most commonly used image processors, that could put your site in harm’s way. By learning more about this vulnerability you’ll take the first step toward better protecting your content. […]

7 Ways to get more retweets

It can be discouraging for any business to post a thoughtful tweet in the morning just to see that it barely has any retweets by the end of the day. Even after hours of compiling the best 140 characters your company can think of, are you still not getting any hits? There are many tricks […]