Simple ways to protect your email account

Everyone uses email as the central hub for their personal internet activities, but this also makes it an attractive target for cyberattacks. The importance of email security is vital to your company’s survival, so applying these simple tips can dramatically reduce your exposure to hackers and malware. Use separate email accounts Most people use a […]

What’s the Big Deal about Big Data?

Data. Nowadays, it's everywhere, and it's used for all sorts of things, from "improving our services" to "providing you with personalized content." We've talked about data collection practices and some of the obvious ways that it infringes on user privacy in the past, but we've never discussed in depth how data is used by businesses around the world to generate revenue and increase sales, and how the clandestine harvesting of your data results in very real profits for these companies.

Researchers Find Flaws in Tesla GPS Functionality

Tesla, over the past few years, has quickly become a symbol of a new age in automotive transportation. Self-driving cars, fully electric vehicles that are fast, comfortable, efficient, and are chock full of features that scream "the future is now" and that would have defied even the most optimistic tech lover's expectations 10 years ago.

Boosting SMB marketing with automation

Small business marketing has often been a difficult endeavor for small business owners. Marketing involves a great deal of time and effort, and can require a significant financial investment. Previously, only large corporations could afford marketing automation, but that’s no longer the case. Read the five most profitable benefits of this new IT innovation here. […]

Turn Instagram followers into customers

Instagram has gone from an app that shares puppy photos with vintage-themed filters, to a marketing tool that savvy businesses are taking advantage of. The photo-sharing giant has a billion monthly active users, making it an ideal online marketplace. If you know how to create and promote compelling content on Instagram, you can get more […]

5 Tips for protecting corporate data

A data breach can happen to anyone, even to the most secure businesses or financial institutions — and cybercriminals could even attack your company’s network. How can you be sure your network is completely hacker-safe? As a business owner, you can’t afford a data breach, as it could cost you your clients and reputation. Employing […]