4 Data backup solutions to consider

The modern business uses data in almost every aspect of its operations. Without immediate and constant access to it, a business will come to a grinding halt. What’s more, in the event of a disaster, it risks losing valuable data if it doesn’t have a backup strategy in place. Here are four data backup solutions […]

3 Sneaky Tricks Cybercriminals Use To Hack Your Network

Cybercriminals are known for their crafty and sometimes ingenious methods for compromising accounts and networks. The list below describes some methods that you are likely quite familiar with, and perhaps some that you have not seen before.


PHISHING. This one is the most common, and is the attack vector you are most likely to see on a daily basis.

Some ransomware strains are free to decrypt

Over the last few years, different versions of ransomware have sprung up, all aimed at extorting money from your business. Before you even consider paying for the release of your data, the first thing you must always check is if there’s a free cure for the ransomware that infected your systems. The state of ransomware […]

4 Technology Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore

The field of technology is an ever-shifting, ever-advancing landscape. Every other day, it seems as if new and groundbreaking technologies are being announced. It's an exciting time to be a consumer, and an even more exciting time to be a business, as many of these things can save you money, improve productivity and make normally tedious tasks easier and more intuitive.