A World of Trouble

Recent years have brought an abundance of new, highly convenient and easy-to-use solutions for common problems. Gone are the days of having to bring cash to someone to pay them back, delivering checks to banks only to find out that they're closed for an obscure federal holiday, or having to jump through hoops in order to get a balance on your bank account. Nowadays, we use the ubiquitous smart phone to do all of those things, and more. While these things bring huge amounts of convenience to our every day lives, it comes with a price: where there's an online account that YOU can access, there are criminals who want nothing more than to gain access to it as well.

We've talked about the risks of weak passwords before, but statistics show that the majority of people are still using the same password that they've been using for years. And, a preponderance of these passwords are far below average security standards. Mixing password re-use with weak passwords is like lighting a fire at a gas station, and is a situation made more volatile when it involves important financial information.

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