Implications of the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack

The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack this month has opened people's eyes to a new, terrifying reality; which is that of cyberattacks against critical infrastructure. These attacks have been forewarned by security experts for years, but the attack on the Colonial Pipeline is perhaps the first truly mainstream incident that has given people pause, due in large part to the material impact it had on the gas prices of those living on the eastern side of the United States.

How many apps are tracking you?

We've talked about app permissions on this newsletter before, largely because they are incredibly important when considering your own security posture, and also because apps are one of the primary avenues by which companies are able to harvest copious amounts of your data-- including precise location data, which allows companies to deliver personalized ads based on your geographical location.

Massive Exchange Server Hack — What You Need To Know

Earlier this month, the tech world was buzzing with news of yet another major security incident: hundreds of thousands of organizations running on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers (including 30,000 in the United States) were discovered to have been breached using a previously unknown exploit-- giving the attackers, suspected to be a state-sponsored threat group, access and complete control over the impacted systems.

Microsoft Teams Adds Huge Security Feature

In the age of teleconferencing and remote work, Microsoft Teams and Zoom have become household names. Both are great platforms with a bevy of features suited for virtual meetings and workplace collaboration, but Zoom, up until recently, had a key security feature that Teams has lacked: end-to-end encryption.

Why You Should Use Microsoft Teams

With so many people working from home, many businesses are trying to find decent software that combines video, voice, and text chat along with collaborative tools. One such tool is Microsoft Teams: a feature-rich and very capable app with the ability to enhance the way that your own team communicates and collaborates.

ALERT – Update Your iPhone Now!

-- NOTE: This article was already sent out in an earlier newsletter, but we want to make sure that you're covered from these serious vulnerabilities in earlier iOS versions. If you aren't on at least 14.4, this applies to you! -- 

If you have an iPhone and have not yet updated to iOS 14.4, you should do so immediately.

The Cyber Apocalypse

If you're like most of us, you likely have a number of random user accounts that have been created over the years on a variety of different services. Sometimes it's an account on a website that you purchased something from once, or a service that you were indulging a passing interest in.

Security in 2021

2020 was a year of unexpected developments and changes. One change that most of us saw at least in some capacity was the mass shift to telecommuting, or another might have been our increased dependence on electronic forms of, well, everything. The world was already digital, but the pandemic certainly kicked the transition into high gear.

SolarWinds Breach: What It Means For All Of Us

There was a huge security incident recently that is more than likely flying under your radar: SolarWinds, a large cybersecurity and software company that develops tools used by the majority of companies on the Fortune 500 as well as almost all government agencies has discovered that they were infiltrated by threat actors, with the intrusions going as far back as September of 2019. These actors used sophisticated techniques to infiltrate SolarWinds and leveraged that access to distribute infected versions of Orion, one of their most popular network management tools, which is used by at least 10 federal agencies including the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Labor, the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and more.