Google Acquired FitBit – Now What?

The consolidation of major players in the technology sector continues with Google's acquisition of FitBit. On the surface, this may not seem significant, although privacy considerations often require a look much deeper than the surface. Google is currently a huge piece in the data collection and digital advertising industry, meaning that the data that a FitBit device collects on it's users (which is a lot) is now Google's to do with as they please.

A State of Emergency

By now, most of us are at least aware of the dangers of malware. At it's best, it results in a headache and a few conversations with IT. At it's worst, it steals your sensitive information, slows or locks your computer down, and can even cause substantial financial and reputational damage.

OnePlus Data Breach

Earlier this week, phone manufacturer OnePlus was breached, exposing order information including customer's names, numbers, email addresses and shipping addresses. Thankfully, the company reports that the attackers were not able to access passwords or payment information, so there will likely not be any outright financial fraud occurring due to this breach.

The Dangers of Holiday Shopping

It's everyone's favorite time of year yet again. Good food, better memories, and incredible deals on pretty much every consumer product known to man. The holiday shopping season is a huge part of the United States consumer culture, and year-after-year people will battle their way through department stores in the early hours of the morning to get their hands on new TVs, new clothes, or kitchen appliances.

Struggling To Find Something? Try These Tricks

The innovations of the last twenty years have made information on just about any topic available to you any time, any where. When's the last time you looked in an encyclopedia for something instead of just "googling" it? Try some of these tricks the next time you're having a hard time finding something on Google, and see if it helps you find the information you need more efficiently!


Search for specific phrases within quotation marks (“”). This way, Google will only return results with your exact phrase in them.

4 Habits That Damage Productivity

The world has always been about getting things done, getting them done quickly, and getting them done well. Unfortunately, humans have a tendency to engage in habits that damage that goal, with the issue being exacerbated by our near limitless access to technology.

End To End Encryption and Why It Matters

In the past few years, cyber security has burst onto the national news scene, with shocking stories of huge breaches, security blunders in political campaigns, and an array of other troubling and dangerous revelations related to computer systems. Oftentimes, these stories are jam-packed with jargon, techie language and things that the average reader won't have a substantial understanding of.

A Unique Problem

Social media dominates many facets of our day to day life. Most of us spend ten minutes here or 30 minutes there scrolling through our preferred app, be it Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Besides the fact that these platforms show us things that we might be interested in, allow us to connect with old friends or talk to distant family members, they generally just provide a whole lot of entertainment!


A problem that has made it's way into the public spotlight in recent years, however, is the use of spam bots and troll accounts to spread disinformation, specifically when it comes to politics.