How A New Law In Australia Could Affect You

In the final months of 2018, the Australian government passed an extraordinarily controversial law that allows them to mandate large tech companies to hard code back doors into their products for bypassing the encryption that they use to protect users. While this may seem like an unfortunate situation for Australian citizens, the effects of this vaguely defined and broadly targeted law will have repercussions for users of technology all over the world.

How Amazon Monitors Your Shopping Habits

Amazon has proven itself to be an ever-present, ever morphing entity, capable of running the largest E-Commerce operation in history while simultaneously competing in various industries such as entertainment, consumer manufacturing, food delivery, and, more recently, healthcare.

The Real Danger of Robocalls: SSN Scams

A few months ago, we talked about the Robocall-pocalypse and the disruptive effect it was having on individuals all over the country. While most of us can identify a robocall and opt to hang up nearly immediately, they pose a very real threat to personal privacy and security to those who get hooked by the frightening content of their messages.

A Six Figure Cyber Attack

Everywhere you look, IT companies are harping on about cyber security. So much so, in fact, that it's easy to become desensitized to the very real threat of phishing, malware, and email account compromise. Sometimes, however, a story comes by that hits just a little bit too close to home, and might serve as a reminder of just how dangerous these threats are; not only to businesses, but to individuals.

Mobile Phishing: Same Old Trick, New Apperance

It seems that even our mobile phones are vulnerable to attacks from scammers and cybercriminals. While just about everybody is familiar with Robocalls, IT Support scammers and other phone-based trickery, a recent study by security vendor Wandera has revealed that iOS users are twice as likely to experience a phishing attack than an Android user.

A Deeper Look At Location Data

Each generation has something that they can claim as "theirs". The 80's had pastel colors, the 90s had baggy jeans and flannels, and today's generation has… the smartphone. And apps. It's not quite the same thing, seeing as smartphones are reaching unparalleled ubiquity in people's lives, regardless of age, and for good reason.

Maintaining Team Member Engagement

At FrameWork, we understand that there are myriad issues that small businesses like those of our clients struggle with on a day to day basis. As a small business ourselves, we are usually dealing with some of those issues as well! One problem that is impossible for a business of any size to avoid is keeping employees engaged and excited about the work that they are doing.

Beware of This Wildfire-Themed Scam

If you watch the news, you've undoubtedly heard about the raging wildfires that are happening in California. It's a tragic disaster that has displaced thousands of families, caused millions of dollars in damages, and one of the fires completely levelled the town of Paradise, California.