Do You Have A Pandemic Playbook?

Do you have a pandemic playbook?  What does it look like? 

It’s been a long year these last six months.  The theme for 2020, thus far, seems to be bad news, hard truths and, sadly, “What is true?”.  I have a couple more hard truths to offer, but there is some good news to follow as well as a helping hand where needed.

Coronavirus Epidemic: Don’t Take The Bait

The COVID-19 epidemic has unfolded in a way that most of us did not expect. After a long three months of self-isolation and all of the challenges that accompany something like that, many parts of the state are beginning to reopen, and it appears as though we may be able to return to something akin to the world before the pandemic.

Ransomware Wreaking Havoc on Healthcare

Ransomware has caused significant financial damage to the healthcare industry over the last 4 years, with the total amount of damage surpassing $150 million. We're all familiar with the common, been-there-done-that cyber attacks such as phishing and CEO fraud, but many have not had a personal experience with ransomware.

Is Alexa Listening to You?

The Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple's Siri are all fun and semi-useful products that add some degree of convenience to your life. While they certainly aren't capable of all of the things that you might want from the science fiction smart home computer, they can, for example, give you an answer to a question that you may not want to look up right that second.

The Power of Technology for Small Businesses

We live in a remarkable time, where many of the tasks that would have taken an excessive amount of time to complete in the past can now be done much more efficiently, quickly, and cleanly. Communicating with friends and loved ones is possible from anywhere and everywhere, and information on just about any topic is available at your fingertips.

Ring Mandates Multi-Factor Authentication

If you own a Ring security camera, this is something that you're going to want to look out for. If you own any other fancy Internet-Of-Things devices, such as an Amazon Alexa, Nest Thermostat, or even if you're simply an account holder with online services, then you should definitely enable 2-Factor Authentication on these devices.

An Epidemic of Misinformation

If you follow the news, you know about the much-feared coronavirus that is spreading through China and numerous other countries throughout the world. Similar to the Ebola outbreak in 2014, there has been considerable fear in the United States in large part due to wall-to-wall media coverage and its tendency to spread rapidly from person to person.

The Risks of Connected Transportation

We live in a special time; one where everything and everyone is connected nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your phone can talk to the door bell, the door bell can talk to the speaker in the hallway, you can access tiny, HD video cameras on your phone while laying on the couch as easily as you can between tasks at work.

Google Acquired FitBit – Now What?

The consolidation of major players in the technology sector continues with Google's acquisition of FitBit. On the surface, this may not seem significant, although privacy considerations often require a look much deeper than the surface. Google is currently a huge piece in the data collection and digital advertising industry, meaning that the data that a FitBit device collects on it's users (which is a lot) is now Google's to do with as they please.

A State of Emergency

By now, most of us are at least aware of the dangers of malware. At it's best, it results in a headache and a few conversations with IT. At it's worst, it steals your sensitive information, slows or locks your computer down, and can even cause substantial financial and reputational damage.