Cash in on tech trends with these 5 tips

What recent tech fads has your SMB dismissed as silly? 3D printing, internet of things…Pokémon GO? Juvenile as they may seem, these trends helped a lot of businesses make money. Navigating them may seem like a lost cause, but with the right know-how, you can earn profits by exploiting current tech trends. Let’s take a […]

Why Should I Care About My Data?

From the monolithic and devastating Equifax breach, to the Cambridge Analytica scandal that happened only a few months ago, few of us truly realize that “free” platforms aren’t free. Rather, they allow you to use their services at the cost of unregulated, unchecked, undisclosed collection of your PII (personally identifiable information). They then sell your data to large firms who will use it to market products or services to you that they think you are likely to purchase.

4 BYOD security risks you should prepare for

Personal computing is with us wherever we go. Thanks to the rise of the mobile industry, smartphones and tablets allow us to take work home with us. And with the bring your own device (BYOD) strategy, businesses have never been so productive. However, BYOD can pose a number of security risks if you’re not careful. […]

Secrets of Success — As told by Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon on July 5th, 1994 as an online book retailer. Today, Amazon has a market presence in retail, cloud services, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, all while pulling in nearly $200 billion in revenue annually. Never in modern history have we seen a company expand as rapidly and effectively as Amazon.

Stake Your Claim On The Digital Frontier

We’ve all heard it before: “I don’t want to use the <insert name of newfangled technology here>. I have <insert physical substitute here>, and that’s all I need.” Technology does, admittedly, move at a pace that even the youngest and most engaged tech enthusiasts have difficulty tracking at times, resulting in many older individuals neglecting or even downright refusing to create accounts online for any variety of reasons.

How business continuity plans can fail

Just because your IT provider has a plethora of awards and certifications under its belt doesn’t mean that you can blindly hand over your business’s future to them. Often times, there are some aspects in your business continuity plan that tend to be overlooked by your provider. We have rounded up some of these issues […]

7 tips to increased retweets

Managing your company’s Twitter account can be tricky. You might have a lot of brilliant things to say in under 140 characters, but they’re useless if nobody reads them. So what can you do to get more people viewing and retweeting your posts? Here are a few tricks you can use to get more retweets. […]

New Spectre-style attack discovered

Security experts are constantly discovering new potential threats, and quite recently, they’ve found a new type of Spectre-style attack more dangerous than the original. Here’s a quick rundown of the new Spectre variant. Spectre 101 For those who don’t know, Spectre is a vulnerability in modern computer chips like Intel and AMD that allows hackers […]