Stake Your Claim On The Digital Frontier

We’ve all heard it before: “I don’t want to use the <insert name of newfangled technology here>. I have <insert physical substitute here>, and that’s all I need.” Technology does, admittedly, move at a pace that even the youngest and most engaged tech enthusiasts have difficulty tracking at times, resulting in many older individuals neglecting or even downright refusing to create accounts online for any variety of reasons. It appears that there can be severe consequences to this attitude, including identity theft, data theft, and serious financial loss.

Our ever-connected society, unfortunately, is not yet capable of allowing its citizens to “opt-out”, and it has become imperative that we bring into the fold those who live on the fringes of the digital world for their own protection. Encourage your older family members to begin creating accounts online for any service that they use, particularly ones that involve their finances. Help them follow security practices that will keep their information secure, and most importantly, make sure they understand the true risks involved with not managing their own digital footprint. Finally, ask them: Is maintaining your digital isolation worth financial hardship? The main article from KrebsOnSecurity is HERE.