5 ways to get the most out of the latest fads

Have you seen folks wandering around downtown, staring at their phone like it was a map pointing them to a pot of gold? Or ordering pizza over a Facebook chat conversation with an awkward cashier? With some creative marketing and structuring, your SMB could be on the other side of those people’s phones. Tech fads, […]

What’s all the buzz about data?

If an IT consultant told you that backing up data is one of the most important things for your technical team to do well, you’d probably nod in agreement. But what if they suggested that your dirty data requires cleaning prior to utilization? One simple adjective like “dirty” may give you pause, and there’s a […]

5 tips to help deal with security headaches

Keeping your company data safe and secured is not an easy job, especially as cyberattack threats get more and more sophisticated every day. But fret not, there are a lot of simple solutions that can be achieved with almost any level of tech expertise. In this article, we’ve listed 5 of our favorite cybersecurity tips […]

Fire Up The Grill!

This Spring FrameWork was fortunate enough to have Carlton Farms join as one of the newest members of the FrameWork family. They also are celebrating an amazing milestone, as this year marks their 60th year in business. Congratulations Carlton Farms! As we get firmly settled in to Summer vacations and get-togethers of all kinds, Carlton Farms has been generous enough to share a delicious suggestion for that time honored tradition – Summer BBQ’s! We love partnering and serving great companies like Carlton Farms, and we hope you’ll take a minute to learn a little more about their commitment to quality and community, and take advantage of their generous offer.

What’s New With Framework

Why, employees! FrameWork IT has added some fresh new faces to the team. This month you may hear friendly new voices on both the administrative side, as well as on our technical team.

Harley Kimball will be joining the team as a fresh graduate from Mt. Hood Community College with a degree centered around cybersecurity.

5 new search and social media trends

In a day and age of constantly evolving internet technology, it’s our job to keep an ear to the ground at all times, because you just never know when something new might be making noise on the web. One area in particular where you hear constant clamoring is with SEO and Social Media methods, and […]

The latest WordPress release fixes major issues

Although WordPress is more secure than it used to be, outdated installations can be a potential threat to your website and the data that is hosted on the servers. In an attempt to shut down hackers before they can exploit vulnerabilities, the WordPress security team recently rolled out a new version that patches security loopholes […]