4 Habits That Damage Productivity

The world has always been about getting things done, getting them done quickly, and getting them done well. Unfortunately, humans have a tendency to engage in habits that damage that goal, with the issue being exacerbated by our near limitless access to technology. Here's 4 habits that many people have that damage their productivity.


  • They need to be connected. The news and social media are always updating – it’s addicting and people are afraid to miss out. They may also be distracted by text or e-mail. Cut yourself off to find focus.
  • They multitask. Some people say they are great multitaskers, but research says it just doesn’t work – not if you want to focus and deliver quality results. Multitasking splits focus and harms productivity. Do one thing exceptionally well before moving to the next task.
  • They don’t write things down. Don’t over-rely on your memory to get things done. We can get overwhelmed throughout the day and forget things. Write things down, take notes or make lists to avoid this common mistake.
  • They focus on wants. Sometimes our “wants” get in the way of our “needs.” You can’t be productive if you’re too focused on wants. Buckle down and focus on what needs to get done. It comes down to self-discipline.

Business Insider, 7/12/2019