Microsoft Teams Adds Huge Security Feature

In the age of teleconferencing and remote work, Microsoft Teams and Zoom have become household names. Both are great platforms with a bevy of features suited for virtual meetings and workplace collaboration, but Zoom, up until recently, had a key security feature that Teams has lacked: end-to-end encryption. End to End Encryption is an incredibly important security feature, especially while companies are working primarily online, as it means that transmitted data will only be visible to the sending party and the parties it was intended for, and completed shielded from those on the outside-- including the operators of the platform themselves, be it Microsoft or Zoom, or even malicious actors who might be trying to surveil their targets.

End-to-end-encryption is a really, really powerful security feature based on that alone, and up until now, Zoom has been able to hold that over Microsoft's head, since it was not supported in Teams. Microsoft recently announced that Teams will be getting end-to-end-encryption for one-on-one calls, and that the feature will eventually be rolled out to cover larger group meetings as well. Once that happens, it will only be be easier to make a case for using Microsoft Teams beyond its use for collaboration.

If you want you learn more about how end-to-end-encryption will be making its way to Tearms, check the main article out on Forbes.