Heads Up! Watch For Amazon Scams During The Holidays

The holiday season may be over now, but it won't be long before we find ourselves gearing up for the Amazon-ordering, gift-box wrapping extravaganza that dominates most people's households during the the final months of the year. It's a magical time, but there are some things that you should be on the lookout for when making purchases for a music-lover, especially now that online shopping is a truly legitimate alternative shopping outlet that is looking to replace brick-and-mortar stores.

If you're not familiar with Amazon's marketplace, it's essentially a bazaar filled with products being offered from countless different sellers. Some sellers are third party, and sometimes Amazon is the primary seller. Many different sellers often sell the same products at the same price, and you often never know the difference. The product is usually shipped either through conventional carriers or through Amazon's own fleet of vans and trucks, and by now most people are familiar with the seamlessness of it all. If it's a product that qualifies for Amazon Prime delivery, it's at your house 2 days (sometimes earlier) after you order, and all at the press of a button.

That being said, like any online marketplace, there are certainly some sketchier sellers looking to confuse or otherwise deceive buyers to make a quick buck. As this article from Forbes discusses, some sellers are selling standard, run-of-the-mill CDs for thousands of dollars. It appears the goal is to either catch someone unawares or distracted, or maybe to fool a buyer into thinking that they are somehow a rarity that belong in a collector's prized collection. They're definitely not worth the price tag either way, so if you come across these listings be sure to steer clear.

Amazon's return policy is generous and their support often will not make you work too hard for a refund, but during the holiday season it is simply not a headache that most people will want to deal with. Not to mention that having thousands of dollars in funds tied up until a refund is issued might throw a wrench into other critical holiday activities.

We're a long way from the next Christmas, but it's something to keep in mind any time you're shopping for a loved one online. Stay safe!

Check out that article from Forbes HERE.