If You Use These Passwords… You Shouldn’t

Passwords are one of the most often talked about security holes, and for good reason. Year in, and year out, we see reports of massive breaches that leak absurd numbers of passwords, which are then sold on the Dark Web to cybercriminals for next to nothing. These password dumps are huge, containing hundreds of millions of passwords, most of which are reused by their owners for multiple accounts. This causes a chain reaction, in which multiple accounts that are separate from the initial breach are also compromised as a result.

Password reuse is extremely common, but is by-and-large the most dangerous security habit as well as one of the easiest to prevent. NordPass compiled a list of the 200 most common passwords that were breached in 2020, the time it would take a hacker to guess or crack that password, and the number of times it was seen in breaches. If you use any of these passwords, it should go without saying: change them now! That list is available here, if you'd like to take a look.

If this article is making you rethink some of your password practices: FrameWork has a solution that can help you eliminate reuse, save you from having to remember long, complex passwords, and give you a one stop solution for your password needs. If this sounds useful for you, give FrameWork a call and ask us about MyGlue!