Google Acquired FitBit – Now What?

The consolidation of major players in the technology sector continues with Google's acquisition of FitBit. On the surface, this may not seem significant, although privacy considerations often require a look much deeper than the surface. Google is currently a huge piece in the data collection and digital advertising industry, meaning that the data that a FitBit device collects on it's users (which is a lot) is now Google's to do with as they please. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, as Google has proven that they do regularly develop new features based on their datasets that prove to be useful and beneficial for the end users, meaning that FitBit owners could actually see a number of features coming to their devices as a result of this acquisition.


There are concerns, however, that the new owners may decide to sell this data to interested parties, such as health insurance companies, medical providers, and other related service providers, which could potentially affect things such as health insurance prices, availability of care, and even your ability to get insurance at all. This is all speculative of course, and Google says they won't sell your data -- but it's important to be aware of major acquisitions so that you can make the decision that best suits you.


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