Top Tips To Protect Your Remote Employees From Cyberthreats

Don’t Use Unsecured Public WiFi


Unsecured public WiFi is everywhere: at cafés, airports, hotels and more. But these networks lack security, and it’s easy for a hacker to snoop on your data. Hackers can even spoof unsecured WiFi networks and walk away with all the data they want with no one the wiser. Avoid them. Stick to secure networks you can verify as trustworthy. If you absolutely MUST use a public, unsecured network, give FrameWork a call so that we can talk to you about setting up VPNs for remote workers.


Don’t Keep Your Cyber Security “Best Practices” To Yourself


Your business may have best practices, but do your remote employees know? Keep EVERYONE on your team educated and on the same page. When you have training, bring in your remote employees, or conference them in, so they get the same training. Send out regular updates about the latest cyber security threats and schemes.


Don’t Forget About Endpoint Security


Make sure your remote employees are utilizing IT security solutions on their ends, such as antivirus software, malware scanners, network firewalls and even a VPN for when they need to access unfamiliar networks. Thankfully, FrameWork manages all of your business computers and ensures that they remain up-to-date on patches, and protected against malware.


If you want to make sure that ALL of your employees are protected, give FrameWork a call today and schedule a security training, where we'll teach your employees about important security principles and discuss many of today's preeminent cyber threats.