Beware! 60% Of Businesses Lose Their Data Through These Breaches

When you’re thinking about cyber security, you’re usually thinking about your PCs, servers and precious data. But what if your printer is a vulnerability?

Well, it is, according to the Global Print Security Report, stating that 60% of businesses suffered a print-related data breach within the last year. While these breaches may not cost too much, they can still pose quite a problem. Printers are vulnerable not only to all the threats associated with IoT devices but also to those linked to hard-copy output. It’s vital that we find ways to secure our print infrastructure for the long haul as we move forward.

It's incredibly important to treat sensitive data as secretly as possible, which means that writing passwords down on sticky notes and sticking it to your monitor or desk is usually not a security-friendly practice. If you really need to write your password down to remember it, make sure that it isn't in an obvious location, and when you're done with it, shred it! Alternatively, give FrameWork a call and we can discuss a password management solution that can help your business remain secure and provide an easy-to-use tool for managing your passwords and other important data.