The Dangers Behind “Sharenting”

If you've posted photos or information about your children or bought them "smart", wi-fi connected toys, then you've engaged in something called Sharenting. It's not an uncommon behavior, in fact, it's pretty normal. But the impact it's going to have on children as they grow and develop is something that cannot be understated. Just about everywhere that you look, there's going to be parents sharing birthdays, stories, problems and more to their friends on social media, all of which can be used by cyber criminals to build a profile for the child. Combine that information with things revealed in data breaches, and you've got a recipe for identity theft -- long before that individual is even able to open lines of credit for themselves.


As the amount of data compromised grows ever higher, we must be more conscious of our own digital footprints, as well as the footprint of those who rely on us to guide and protect them. If you want to know more about the dangers of Sharenting, check out this article on Forbes HERE.