Mobile Phishing: Same Old Trick, New Apperance

It seems that even our mobile phones are vulnerable to attacks from scammers and cybercriminals. While just about everybody is familiar with Robocalls, IT Support scammers and other phone-based trickery, a recent study by security vendor Wandera has revealed that iOS users are twice as likely to experience a phishing attack than an Android user. What's more, the same vendor has stated that 48% of all phishing attacks happen on mobile devices, with iOS users being up to forty-eight times more likely to fall for a phishing attack than they are to download malware.


It's definitely concerning, to say the least. It just goes to show that that no matter what device you're using, you must be ever vigilant. Don't click links that you're not sure that you can trust, and definitely don't download things that you don't need! For more information about mobile phishing, check out this article by MalwareBytes Labs HERE.