A Deeper Look At Location Data

Each generation has something that they can claim as "theirs". The 80's had pastel colors, the 90s had baggy jeans and flannels, and today's generation has… the smartphone. And apps. It's not quite the same thing, seeing as smartphones are reaching unparalleled ubiquity in people's lives, regardless of age, and for good reason. Smartphones allow near instant contact with any other smartphone user anywhere in the world. You have access to the Internet's vast oceans of information and entertainment, you are able to use GPS services to navigate to parts unknown, and you can use any of those various applications (or apps) to enhance the experience and transform the device in your pocket to the ultimate tool.


According to a recent story published by the New York Times, the apps that make your phone so incredibly useful aren't really free. In fact, they have a hidden, but very real cost: tracking your location for data brokers and marketing purposes. The article goes pretty in depth about how the data collected from these apps could potentially compromise your privacy, and more importantly, your safety. If you're interested, you can check out the article HERE.


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